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After a year on Clubhouse, Elena and I are ready to broaden the audience of the discussion space that we created with Brand Architects, so we are moving toward building our own podcast. We can’t wait to continue providing access to helpful, share-worthy information for growing your business.

Stay tuned!

From speaking at events to appearing as a guest speaker on podcasts, I love connecting with the community to share my unique perspective, experiences, and advice. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experiences as a guest speaker on a myriad of podcast episodes. You can listen to these episodes with the links at the bottom of this page.

All opportunities for community involvement are welcome.

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Below are the speaking topics that have
driven my business and inspired me.


As a brand therapist, I find purpose in helping my clients and audience understand the effects of good design and branding. This begins by defining branding and how it relates to marketing and sales. Branding is more than just a logo, some fonts, and a color scheme. My goal is to help my audience identify which approach to branding will best serve their business goals. A personalized approach is imperative because a clear strategy will result in a clear brand style guide and plan. From scaling a brand to exporting a brand to foreign markets, with a clear vision of their brand, business owners can move with confidence through any branding obstacle or trial. Doesn’t that sound more appealing than the mental effort of constant improvisation?  


After assisting many new companies in their initial launch, I’ve seen what approaches to branding are most effective. In my guest speaking appearances around the topic of entrepreneurship, I like to begin with defining the differences between branding and marketing. Once my audience is clear on the differences, we can dive into why start-ups and entrepreneurs should address their branding before their marketing, common branding mistakes (and how to avoid them), the biggest hurdles for start-ups, at what stage a start-up should integrate marketing efforts, and my best advice for founders to prioritize their brand.  


Each parenting experience is unique and comes with its triumphs and challenges. Being a parent is a full-time job without a training manual. If you have children of your own, you may agree that hearing others’ experiences is more helpful than receiving unsolicited advice. My experience and decision-making as a mother is influenced by two factors; I am raising bilingual children and I am raising a child with autism. I enjoy sharing my stories and resources in these areas because I believe it is important to invite an open, nonjudgemental dialogue amongst the community of parents.  

France/Utah Accueil Origin Story

My history, culture, and heritage inform so much of my experience as a business owner. A great deal of my early life was spent traveling and moving with my parents. With no extended family nearby, I learned that, in a sense, your community and friends become family. This realization was so empowering for me that I strive to offer that same sense of community and empowerment to other transplants. I served on the board of the Salt Lake Alliance francaise. In 2012, I noticed a need for a greater sense of community in Utah’s French Community. As a result, I founded an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization that offers support to francophone ex-pats coming to settle in Utah. The objective is to provide a welcoming community to feel at home and an opportunity to keep up with French culture in Utah. 


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Priscilla Blanchot is a brand consultant with over 20 years of design experience in serving a full range of B2C clients. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Priscilla has managed the creative process, from start to finish, for top-tier brands like Victoria’s Secret, Unilever, Guess, and Reebok.

Before pursuing graduate studies in graphic and packaging design in Atlanta, GA, she studied at the European Graphic Design School in Paris, France. Additionally, she received her certifications as a Level C Brand Strategist from the Marty Neumeier Masterclasses.

Her methodology involves taking clients through “The Precision Brand Method.” She guides her clients through brand therapy, conceptualization, development, and execution of strategy and design to build a brand that matters in the market and outmaneuvers the competition with ease.

Today, Priscilla partners with business leaders to provide clarity in their brand’s messaging and design to facilitate growth and expansion. Carte Blanche is listed as an official women-owned business with the Women’s Business Center of Utah.