Brand Consultation

A consultant offers an outside perspective to clients having a hard time seeing the forest from in the thick of the trees. Because it takes courage to be different and act from a place of purpose, Carte Blanche keeps our clients accountable. We cheer them on as they learn to carry out the implementation of their newfound strategy.

Success is measured by the parameters set by our clients in their therapy phase. Beyond the specifically defined expectations from their company, we measure growth by an increase in brand awareness and attention, sales, and clarity of purpose. The length of a consultant and company relationship ranges from a matter of months to years. Carte Blanche has client relationships that span more than 13 years. Each relationship is unique and dependent on the desired level of support and the needs which arise as the market evolves.

Hiring a brand consultant creates the fertile ground for your brand to flourish. Keeping Carte Blanche on retainer or hiring Priscilla as your fraction Chief Brand Officer (CBO) are perfect solutions to manage your on-call branding needs. Our team offers brand management, strategic planning, industry research, and other marketing services.

Role of a Brand Consultant

What it's like to have a Brand Consultant

After our initial brand therapy, Carte Blanche has identified our clients’ pains, strengths, visions, and built a plan to grow their brand. We understand the brand and its motivations. Meaning we are the best partner to assist our clients’ branding journey as they continue to evolve. The consulting relationship applies to both companies with and without an internal team in place to implement the company’s specific branding plan.

If our client has a full internal team, we oversee the execution of the brand strategy and offer periodical check-ins with the leadership. We establish that the team stays on a brand and that the data and results are what was anticipated. And if not, we course correct by helping our clients understand and react quickly to market changes that affect the brand trajectory.

This is the true CBO position, working alongside the marketing and business development departments to guarantee that future decisions will follow the purpose of the brand.

If our client doesn’t have an internal team, we become their internal team in a fractional position which could be called a “surrogate team.” We get our clients started and fulfill their immediate branding needs for as long as they need. If hiring a full-time person makes sense for the company, we can help get that position set up with a candidate who is best aligned with the company brand.

"Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action."
— Simon Sinek