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Our Professional Branding Team

The Carte Blanche team includes a carefully curated list of experts to assist in your company’s specific strategy needs. Our roster of specialists has been carefully vetted to ensure outstanding project results.  

From creatives to engineers, our specialist team includes: 

Priscilla Blanchot

Priscilla Blanchot is a brand consultant with over 20 years of design experience serving a full range of B2C clients. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Priscilla has managed the creative process from start to finish for top-tier brands like Victoria’s Secret, Unilever, Guess, and Reebok. 

Before pursuing graduate studies in graphic and packaging design in Atlanta, GA, she studied at the European Graphic Design School in Paris, France. Additionally, she received her certifications as a Level C Brand Strategist from the Marty Neumeier Masterclasses.  

Today, Priscilla partners with business leaders to provide clarity in their brand’s messaging and design to facilitate growth and expansion. Her methodology involves taking clients through “The Precision Brand Method.” She guides her clients through brand therapy, conceptualization, development, and execution of strategy and design to build a brand that matters in the market and outmaneuvers the competition with ease.  

She is deeply committed to her involvement with organizations that value community and growth. When Priscilla joined the Climate Designers organization, she pledged to only work with companies that have purposeful, innovative values. She is an active member of Toastmasters International and has served a term as treasurer of the club. Her company, Carte Blanche, is listed as an official women-owned business with the Women’s Business Center of Utah. She maintains an active membership with The Futur Pro Group which gives creative professionals access to an infinite number of worldwide resources for business support. Priscilla has also served on the board of the Salt Lake Alliance francaise.  

 She is the founder and president of a non-profit organization (Utah Accueil) that gives support to francophone ex-pats coming to settle in Utah. The nonprofit’s objective is to help these newcomers feel at home with a welcoming community and an opportunity to become involved with the French culture in Utah.  

Graphic Design: Deborah Hommer

Deb is a virtuoso in post-production and working on-press with printers and has been collaborating with Priscilla for over 15 years.  

 As a 20-year design professional, Deb has worked extensively with financial and health and wellness industry clients. From conceptualization to implementation, she brings a wealth of knowledge of the creative process to every phase of a project. Clients benefit from her amazing attention to detail, ability to graphically translate their intentions and responsiveness to consistency and branding issues. 

Content & Copywriting: Aja Sigourney

Aja has been a voracious reader since grade school when the book fair was an event more exciting than her birthday party. This great admiration of writing led her to complete a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Utah.  

 Writing with an emphasis on human connection is her expertise; she believes that revealing the company values aligned with service and shared passion create the most meaningful narratives for compelling web copy. She loves projects that include web copy, emails, blogs, copy editing, and content creation. Aja’s goal is to facilitate your creative genius by turning your words into precise brand messaging with the right amount of spice and punch.  

Marketing: Ryan Cadigan

Ryan is a full-service digital marketer with seven years of experience copywriting, building funnels, and developing strategies. His most recent experience comes as a Product Marketer for a major financial publication, where he grew their nascent franchise from $0 to $2.2MM in revenue in the first year. He loves perfecting funnels with the sweet science of data and creating slick campaigns that connect with your target customers and sell.

Photography: Francis Wong

Francis is a freelance photographer & creator offering visual solutions for professionals. Photography has been his passion for more than 10 years. Francis focuses on building trust in your brand through personal image branding, lifestyle documentary, and product compositions resulting in tailored content that is created in a way that is most relatable to your targeted audiences.   

Francis majored in fine art during his school years. Art has helped him to develop his unique vision and has been an important part of his personal life. With over 23 years of managing brick and mortar businesses, Francis understands how to utilize marketing, advertising, visual presentation, and digital content to increase your bottom line profits.  

Videography: Ben Barlow

Ben Barlow is a videographer based in Provo, Utah with over five years of experience in his craft. Ben was first introduced to videography during his sophomore year of high school, editing a lightsaber battle video that was painted frame by frame until its completion three months later. He has since grown from the videos he created using Adobe After Effects, Blender, and Davinci Resolve to create more cinematic and closer-to-life videos that can help spread positivity and change the world for the better. 

 Through constant creation and a different perception of how most view the world, Ben has grown constantly seeking to push the boundaries on what is possible and what can be accomplished. You do not need to be signed by a label to create an album, you do not need to be contracted with a production company to create a full-length film, and you do not need anyone else’s permission to create the art that lives inside of you. 

How carte blanche
can help you!

Web design & SEO

We work with various vetted web partners, depending on the scope of work needed for the site. Our capabilities include simple DIY consulting, e-commerce, and back-end client access. SEO strategy can be added to any of these services for clients wishing to boost their online presence, visibility, and ranking. 


Carte Blanche hand selects the best artist for the project according to the brand style and specific needs. When illustrators are needed to enhance a brand, it is important to find the right style of illustration that will properly express the concept through this visual medium. Carte Blanche works with illustrators beyond stock research to build the look and feel of the visual style that will be most fulfilling to the brand’s mission.


We have strong relationships with a variety of vetted printers. Carte Blanche can procure printing services for goods such as brochures, labels, special occasions trophies, plaques, coins, and small or large trade show graphics.

Idea Validation and market research

When a brand needs specific market research, in-depth research, or a confidence boost, we suggest our idea validation and market research services. Carte Blanche has the ideal partners that will get specific targeted data and market answers to move the brand along in a purposeful way.

Additional services:

Our network can accommodate needs in the areas of animation, UX/UI design, marketing, PR, and other specific servicing.