Brand Strategy

Precision Brand Method™

Our “Precision brand method™” consists of four steps created to purposefully find innovative solutions, obtain company growth, and establish a unique brand foundation for your business.

We are experts at serving B2C disruptive companies that focus on solving the world’s biggest problems. We’ve helped companies with purpose-driven missions like helping raise awareness and donations for sick children, promoting humanitarian efforts, providing education and support for autism, bringing society together, public service campaigns, and more. Implementing strong brands for these changemakers is our contribution to the betterment of our world.

Step 1: Brand Therapy

Analyzing the Intention.

Brand therapy produces the building blocks of purposeful strategy and design.

It begins with defining your company’s goals, issues, and setbacks to carve a path that transcends simple brand clarification to brand transformation. As Stephen Covey famously said, “start with the end in mind.”

In brand therapy, we discuss the past-learning and market results, we touch on aspects of marketing and business, but our ultimate goal is to uncover the intangible aura for your business that will drive our plan of action and captivate your niche market. We define your desired impact, current obstacles, and market perception so we can build a plan with your customers and purpose at heart. Your business exists only in the harmony of the micro and macro economical environment, meaning the ecosystem your brand evolves in.

Deep dive into how your company operates in the market.

Because we know that behind the logos, names, and products of your most beloved brands lies a masterful brand strategy that forges a positive emotional connection with customers in every interaction, we’re here to guide you through each milestone and obstacle to ensure that your outward brand representation matches the purpose of your company. Everything down to the company name is considered the Carte Blanche strategy process. Your brand presence and positioning are huge assets that can make or break a client’s first impression.

Step 2: Brand Innovation

Creating the future.

Once we’ve addressed the challenges and the goals, obtained clarity of vision, and aligned the team and leadership, we can start to establish a one-of-a-kind positioning.

As the world is changing and the competitive market is accelerating, the only way to stay ahead is to be willing to reinvent yourself to get your brand to the next level. Beyond the purpose of a company, customers need innovation and bold marketing and business approaches to create brand awareness.

In an unbiased environment, we ideate together toward a common destination and create unique offerings with ingenious ideas to build brand equity like it’s never been done in your market before. Utilizing different types of qualitative market research, we get insights into your products or services and how to best establish your brand in the consumer’s mind. We look into consumer habits, needs, and wants to understand the emotional motivations toward consuming your brand versus the competitors.

With innovative intelligence, you can put yourself in an exclusive position in the consumer marketplace. There are many things you can do to get a lead over your competitors but the only way to discover and ideate your fearless growth is to include your team, your situation, and your vision.

Step 3: Brand Planning

Outlining an impactful brand roadmap.

This is the phase where we concretize the innovative ideas into an applicable action plan adapted to your business. Carte Blanche, with your team, carefully crafts a functional brand strategy that provides both external and internal growth in your company’s brand presence to which your business aligns. This becomes your go-to brand process uniquely yours.

We evaluate and construct a brand impact matrix that will outline the highest reward for the marketing efforts and budgets. This step prioritizes ideas and builds a success plan in phases that your business can apply as it evolves.

This encompasses, your internal brand as well as employee engagement and experience, aligns the leadership and employees to work toward a mutual vision and includes the consumer day to day experience with your business.