The Metaskills Challenge module 5, The Learning

3 months have gone by since the start of the Level C MetaSkills Challenge. Last week our team submitted the 5th and final module – all around the learning skill.

I had no idea what this challenge would bring me when I first signed up right as we all found ourselves in lockdown. 5 team members, on 3 different continents (US, Australia & Africa), with 4 different time zones, different schedules, different cultures, and different points of views to fuel the 5 meta-skills we were going to think through.

We quickly got organized and figured everyone’s best way of working. Our meetings were fueled with passion and debates which we often left with more to think about than we started with, thanks to the relentlessness of the team to strategize for an innovative but cohesive concept.

When we first identified Venice as our beautiful brand we did not anticipate it would take us all the way into rethinking tourism as a global zero impact innovative think tank. Marty Neumeier “Metaskills” book took us through a deep level of system thinking and analysis that helped us see beyond our common knowledge. Doing this challenge as we were applying the concepts of the book in each module added tremendous depth to our individual learning and thinking.

Thank you to my teammates Tracey Pearce-Sampson Isaac Amos Ruben Delgado and Adam Gardner for their dedication, staying united till the end in an achievement on it’s own.

You can see all the module presentations from all the teams in the challenge via Marty Neumeier‘s & Andy Starr‘s Level C site.

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