Level C Metaskills module 4, The Making

As the Metaskills challenge continues, we keep getting deeper into our concept. This module ended up being the hardest for us so far. The prompt was asking us to choose the most exciting idea from our customer journey. Using the power of making, rendering, sketching, storytelling, prototyping, we needed to create something.

Our team quickly realized that we had already built a very intricate customer journey touching on 3 very different audiences, the tourists, the local community, and the environment. There wasn’t one specific idea that stood out and made sense to create as the system is interdependent from each other.

There were many hours of conversations deliberating on what we should make. Obviously our big innovation is Civitas. Built on our vision of reciprocal Respect, Civitas sets out to ideate new products to enrich the lives of Travelers, Communities, and the Environment resulting in a cleaner, greener space for all. Teams of innovators design and implement solutions from the ground up to perfectly meld into the destinations’ natural environment and cultural needs.

This Technology Company would help people engage with the world in sustainable ways, from powering cities through footsteps with kinetic footpaths designed to harness the one resource all travel destinations have plenty of, tourists. To educating them through technology, providing culturally and location-relevant information in real-time. Civitas emerges as an ambassador program enabling tourist-centric destinations to send representatives who will work with Civitas to innovate and build out new ideas for their cities and the global Civitas community.

After helping communities to take more control of their tourism, we’ll finally use the growing Civitas brand as a universal symbol for travelers looking for a more conscientious travel experience. In the end, we believe travel can truly make the world a better place.

Our full presentation can be viewed here.

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