Good design solves a problem.


How much time and resources have you already spend on your companies brand? It’s not about throwing pasta on the wall an seeing what sticks. Trully understand the landscape your brand is sitting on and thinking strategically of the solutions that will be ideal for you!


The deep dive or discovery process is a low stress facilitative framework composed of 3 main exercises:

The brand > The customer > the competition > the priorities


This will prompt us to get the conversations started and to define the business goals & priorities. The results really improves all marketing efforts so your brand matters to your consumers.


uAfter that process we will have your positining, mission statement, briefs, guidelines, goals (immediate & long term) and a design look and feel. It’s the base of every brand and business strategy fundamentals. From there we can design targeted marketing needs.


Bring clarity and delight to what your custumer wishes as well as get a plan of action to develop a long lasting audience.


A typical timeline is around 3 to 4 weeks.

Priscilla Blanchot running a strategy session
Carte Blanche Priscilla Blanchot Strategy Session
Illustration ball of arms and hands