Strategy, The New Buzzword?

How to identify brand strategy in a world of strategies. You hear the word strategy tossed around from assessment strategy, business strategy, financial strategy, social media strategy, to sales strategy, and many more. It feels like strategy has become the new mot à la mode (buzzword), inconspicuously finding its way in all aspects of businessContinue reading “Strategy, The New Buzzword?”

Dreaming Stage ‘Best in Module’

Module 3 of The Metaskills Challenge from Marty Neumeier Level C was all about Dreaming! No limits for a conceptual system that would introduce Zero Impact tourism to the city of Venice, Italy but why not also to other cities struggling from over-tourism around the world. In this module, we were asked to push theContinue reading “Dreaming Stage ‘Best in Module’”

The Metaskills Challenge

What an amazing privilege to participate in Marty Neumeier’s The Metaskills Challenge, a strategic branding competition with over 20 teams from around the world and judged by experts in the fields. Module 1, “FEELING” was about identifying beautiful brands that would need to transform themselves to succeed in the post-pandemic world. Our team, High-Five, numberContinue reading “The Metaskills Challenge”