The Wisdom of Oz

Your Business Secret Agent 

Business coaching is an oversaturated market. In addition to understanding their motivations, it was imperative that we identified the unique strengths TWOO brings to the business coaching market before we determined how to present their brand’s messaging and visual elements to their audience. We immediately discovered that the client’s previous professional experience was widely varied and absolutely fascinating; this elucidated our client’s ability to spot the gaps in their customers’ operations. This seemingly minute detail is the heartbeat of The Wisdom of Oz. This is how we needed to present the value of the brand.

Services Provided:

Brand therapy

Brand planning and strategy

Mission statement, vision purpose

Business foundation

Tagline creation

Brand roadmap

Style guide

Here's How We've Helped

Mission / Goals

The Wisdom Of Oz (TWOO) needed guidance in the process of building its brand and establishing solid business and marketing plans. We began the brand therapy process by asking the team to put their metaphorical cards on the table to help us formulate a plan of action together. When it comes to assisting with business foundations, we delve deep. Carte Blanche needed to identify what was currently working in the business and what needed to pivot. We carefully considered their niche market before determining how to hone a business plan that could accomplish the client’s desired end goal. The magic in our business and branding process comes from exploring the motivations of the business with empathy and patience. When a client has an “aha” moment we know we have succeeded in our mission.

Impact / Gains

After the workshop, the team’s morale was transformed. Their minds were clear and they each understood the next steps for their brand. The recognition of their unique identity enhanced the team’s confidence in the skills, background, and distinctions of the business. The tagline came through effortlessly. The site map, marketing plan, and business outline were written with the intention and purpose to attract their ideal interested parties while standing out in the market. The client achieved the clarity to move the brand forward.

Disclaimer: Due to our policies on client confidentiality, we do not share proprietary materials. Upon request, we are happy to show you additional materials that demonstrate the framework of our process. Contact us here.