Mecca Brand Strategy

Positively Impacting Employee Life to Make Dreams Happen

Mecca had the concept, design, and drive for its brand extension but was missing the solid positioning to build an exceptional business that separates them from the market. To frame the exact messaging for their clients’ appeal they needed to document comprehensive communication guidelines that integrate voice, tone, vocabulary, and relatable personas to hit business goals.

Services Provided:

Brand strategy

Develop relevant messaging for emails & PR

Solidify uniqueness

Define company culture outside in and inside out

Clarify purpose

Define brand appeal

Establish positioning

Distill talking points to communicate values and mission

Articulate how pain points are relieved

Set the foundation to enter a new market

Here's How We've Helped

Mission / Goals

The goal was to clarify the brand existence of Mecca, find the unique differentiator in the saturated market of property management, and deliver relevant messaging for marketing and publicity efforts. To define the brand appealing from an employee perspective we took the client into a deep understanding of their company culture and belief outside and inside of the brand, clarify their positioning, and explored new market possibilities. The mission was to focus on the experience and feel of the brand above the features and benefits.

Impact / Gains

The team was taken through a branding strategy where we defined the heart of the purpose and find the exceptional positioning Mecca envisions. This gave the team a simple vision to build their marketing and PR strategy with a library of messages to build a strong and clear positioning statement highlighting their differences. They received the tools to consistently represent their new brand across employees’ and customers’ touchpoints.

Disclaimer: Due to our policies on client confidentiality, we do not share proprietary materials. Upon request, we are happy to show you additional materials that demonstrate the framework of our process. Contact us here.