Pay for My Food

A Revolutionary, Secure Way to Donate

We were working with an innovative idea that challenged people to trade their donating habits for a system that will be easier, more secure, and efficient. The brand needed to reflect the process, the ease, and the concept without being overly descriptive and cumbersome. Through a simple brand therapy session, the team aligned to agree on wordings, goals, mission, values, and positioning.

Services Provided:

Brand therapy
Mission statement, vision purpose
Brand roadmap
Brand creation
Branding style guide

Here's How We've Helped

Mission / Goals

This company works alongside food merchants and charities to empower citizens to donate. Our client needed to conceive a brand that is clear and becomes recognizable at first glance. As the client launched their campaign, the brand image needed to communicate a friendly tone, look, and feel to accommodate their wide variety of customers.

Impact / Gains

Delivering an impactful and easy-to-apply brand is Carte Blanche’s goal. When the client understands every brand element and how to best apply the message across any platform, the goals are met in meaningful ways. The Pay for my Food creative development happened simply with unified, determined decision-making.

Disclaimer: Due to our policies on client confidentiality, we do not share proprietary materials. Upon request, we are happy to show you additional materials that demonstrate the framework of our process. Contact us here.