Milez App

People Helping People

With an innovative brand in uncharted territory, it is important to identify how it will first be perceived, and if there is a need and interest in the market. Going through some market research and idea validation is critical to establishing the brand landscape. A good market investigation helps the brand better understand its positioning and purpose. There are a lot of services that offer roadside assistance, but none that offer this freelance-type concept with qualified mechanics already on the road, ready to assist people in distress. 

Services Provided:

Idea validation process

Brand planning and strategy

Mission statement, vision purpose

Business foundation


Brand roadmap


Brand creation and development

Branding style guide

UI/UX consulting

Here's How We've Helped

Mission / Goals

The mission of the Miles App is to make roadside assistance faster, more dependable, and affordable while allowing gig workers to earn an income through their technological knowledge. Together, our goal was to create and launch a new brand in the automotive app marketplace. We needed to ideate and plan the brand for expansion as they launched with an MVP app.

Impact / Gains

With a clear brand vision and business planning, we were able to name the brand unanimously with the team and move forward with a straightforward vision for their brand image. The brand decisions and design were painless and unified. A clear brand style guide was established which helped support the UI/UX and marketing teams build a consistent platform and plan.

Disclaimer: Due to our policies on client confidentiality, we do not share proprietary materials. Upon request, we are happy to show you additional materials that demonstrate the framework of our process. Contact us here.