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Enhancing Brand Awareness and Usability for an Unforgettable Festival Experience

The Salt Lake City Living Traditions Festival, a celebration of cultural diversity and heritage, has been an incredible journey over the past three years. Carte Blanche has had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with the festival organizers to elevate their brand, improve directional communication, and enhance usability throughout the festival experience. Our collaboration has resulted in a remarkable transformation, attracting diverse audiences from both local communities and surrounding states.

Services Provided:

Optimized brochure design (UX design)

Enhanced branding and signage throughout the venue (Entrance, food court, stage framing, schedules, fence wind screens, and map) with a focus on user experience design.

Social Media campaign

Advertising (Digital and print)

T-shirts and lanyards for staff, sponsors and volunteers

Here's How We've Helped

Mission / Goals

Our mission at Carte Blanche is clear: to empower brands with unique and impactful strategies that set them apart in an ever-evolving market. We strive to be the driving force behind our clients’ success by creating compelling narratives, distinctive visual identities, and seamless user experiences. Through meticulous research and collaboration, we aim to translate our clients’ visions into reality, ensuring that their brand messages resonate with their target audience and propel them towards sustainable growth.

Impact / Gains

The impact of our work is evident in the transformative growth experienced by our clients. With Carte Blanche’s strategic interventions, brands witness a surge in brand awareness, customer engagement, and market reach. Our ability to revamp usability, optimize communication, and instill accessibility has proven instrumental in driving customer loyalty and satisfaction. Through our expertise, brands gain a competitive edge, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences and achieving lasting success in their respective industries.

Disclaimer: Due to our policies on client confidentiality, we do not share proprietary materials. Upon request, we are happy to show you additional materials that demonstrate the framework of our process. Contact us here.