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Standing out in a crowded space


Hosman Adams

Law firms are ubiquitous, we created a brand identity for attorneys specialized in criminal defense, personal injury, landlord/tenant disputes and immigration that would stand out and be easily recognizable while conveying the seriousness of the service offered.

Hosman Adams Business cards

From the first look, one can see that these attorneys are not like any other. From content to logo and brand look and feel this law office stands out. Inspired from the world of comics we took a tongue in cheek approach with visual and words. The brand is bold and clean, the logo is clearly identifiable and the whole graphic system is consistent.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Mission Statement
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Branding system
  • Website design direction and structures
  • Stationery

After a brand strategy, it was clear that the client is approaching cases with a youthful, dynamic point of view. They broke the image of typical attorneys with their friendly, laid back style, creating a trusting environment. We wanted to honor this clear positioning with a brand that took a stand on helping and being present and supportive for their customers. It is a serious business but they do not see themselves that way. We disrupt the typical look and feel of attorney offices for better positioning.

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Hosman Adams are two young attorneys launching their own practice. They specialize in criminal defense, personal injury, landlord/tenant disputes, and immigration. They fight for the underdog and want insurance companies to be accountable. Their goal is to maximize the value of each case and make sure they get the most out of each situation. They are not afraid of going to trial yet they strive to be approachable and friendly.

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Tired of seeing clients helpless and dragged into a whirlpool of unnecessary legal situations. The two young attorneys want to stand up, stand out and fight the complicity of law firms and insurance companies to make sure their customers receive what they fairly deserve. They are not afraid of being different while genuinely caring for their clients, nor do they take themselves too seriously. 


To help achieve the goal we walked our clients through a strategy session where we dove deep into their ambitions, the different customer profiles, their services, and customer journeys. This helped them experience and understand what their own customers are going through. And through this process, we discovered their unique positioning. Hosman Adams is not just another law firm, they truly care about their clients and are ready to fight for them till the end. They are your superhero fighting for the weak!


The brand identity came by itself! Inspired from the world of comic graphic style, it brings tongue in cheek to a serious topic while still serving its purpose. Hosman Adams is here to serve! And to fight for clients wrapped in unfortunate situations.

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The response has been ultra-positive to the launch of their name and brand, standing out in the massive competition.


The company owns its unique positioning and is now growing! They have taken on several more attorneys. A name change is in their future, but the graphic style is here to stay!

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