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Crescent Grove Advisors


Create a brand for a new ultra wealth management company that combines many years of experience. Conveying stability, high-connected, and high-net-worth expertise.


We closely examined competitors and visual cues potential clients would respond to. The brand needed to convey trust to an older demographic that desire stability and high proficiency, while taking into consideration that younger generations look at family investments with a more modern approach and risk sensitivity.


  • Logo design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Website design & management
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Tradeshow graphics
  • Editorial advertising
  • Linked-In account management


The logo visually conveys a classic seal of approval suggesting traditional assurance and trust while being a perfect balance with a modern appeal to a wider range of generations. The result is an established team was able to build off and grow substantially, just look at their quarterly results in the newsletter.

Crescent Grove Advisors Quarterly Newsletters


Crescent Grove Advisors started with three experts wanting to offer personalized services to high net-worth families, individuals, business owners and institutions in need of exclusive money management. Coming from established ultra-large investment banks, the principals knew they needed to root their new company in a fine balance of tradition and results-driven territory.

Crescent Groves Advisors Website


From their years of experience, the CGA directors understood the complex burden large investment banks impose on their customers. They believed they could offer more personalized solutions to their clients with enhanced results. When they decided to launch their own business the first goal was to establish trust in the name through the branding.


Listening to the client’s goals was the initial step, they had some specific ideas in mind. Extensive competitor research was completed along with potential clients’ visual cues. Building trust was the essential idea for the logo and the brand, even the name suggests uniqueness and personalization. Once the look and feel was established, the rest of the brand emerged.

Crescent Grove Advisors Brcohure


After a few rounds of logo exploration, from very classic to more modern envelope-pushing designs. A simple seal of approval was selected to illustrate the concept of trust. Adding an established date to the logo lent believability that this brand is here to serve and stay, which the client felt strongly about. The website started very traditional and evolved into a more modern approach with the goal of establishing a relationship with younger generations. Brand consistency is crucial to building a cohesive customer experience, the green color conveys money and results, a dominant theme of asset management. CGA was launched!


The brand started very traditionally, the clients were not initially open to appeal to younger generations, attracting the “old” money was the goal. However, we course-correct within a few months, once they realized they needed a wider reach. This impacted the website, though the rest of the brand was based in tradition and stability along with clarity of information.


Nearly 5 years later the brand lives on its own. The company has grown to 25 employees and counting. Evidently their personalized investment style and results are a factor in their success, along with its brand recognition! They have a clear visual representation and know how to use brand assets for future growth.

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