City Of American Fork

A campaign for a community


The City of American Fork, Utah


Educate the community on the benefits of public investment in fiber optic services.

American Fork Light Hub Campaign


Approaching a vote to convince constituents of the future of its town isn’t an easy task but through the strategy, we helped the Mayor and team discover the segments of constituents and delineate a refined approach to communicating as well as showing pain points to all. The brand identity was developed answering literal visual demands to reach a wide audience.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Mission Statement
  • Stylescape
  • Campaign Identity Design
  • Branding system & style guide
  • Website design direction and structures
  • Campaign pamphlets
  • Ads
The City Of American Fork Strategy Session 1
The City of American Fork Strategy Session 2


Supplying clarity to the City of American Fork office helped them better plan their campaign and reach for a positive, connected outcome for the community.

American Fork Light Hub Stylescape


The campaign had to motivate a wide range of potential customers touching on the pros and cons of an economical campaign for the city. From large business owners to homemakers, families to non-techy rural communities, as well as public servants in the education and medical fields, the designs needed to literally connect everyone.


Voting day was approaching fast, the mayor’s office needed to spring into action in an efficient way. Past fiber optics campaigns had failed, this was a unique opportunity to push the project to fruition.


The strategy session was a perfect framework to dive deep into different issues. The solutions surfaced on their own while addressing the problems each constituent would have with this public service. Anticipating the arguments and bringing clarity was definitely a game-changer to the communication.

American Fork Light Hub Website


From the campaign launch to voting day, the responses were very favorable and the vote passed. This is a long term process, the look and feel of the campaign established awareness and clarity of the overall goal.


Appealing to an extremely wide range of people that are not always sensitive to design was certainly a bigger effort than usual. There were a lot of public decisionmakers which made the process challenging. Though we achieved in getting agreement from everyone on the naming, the look, and the feel!


Everyone had great feedback and other outside services were complimentary of the process and results. Future campaigns look promising.

Light Hub Fiber Optics Info sheet

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