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France Immersion in the Silicon Slopes

Why Utah is the new player in the tech game

Here in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, tech companies are surfacing each day, including a profusion of French-based companies: BioFire, Vinci, Kereon Intelligence, Nexans, to name a few. Given the high quality of life, nearby universities, tax incentives from the state, and the proximity to an unparalleled mountain landscape, we can infer why the Silicon Slopes are growing at such a rapid rate. During a “Les Live Sessions De Niort Numeric” webinar, we were asked to share our perspective on the immersion of French-based companies in the Silicon Slopes. Being native to France while residing in the U.S. for more than 20 years, we were honored to contribute to the discussion alongside Landon Bench, partner at Kereon Intelligence US, who helped launch the company into the U.S. from Niort (the Silicon hub based in west France).

In this webinar, we expand on the differences between French and American business cultures, how to avoid any faux pas in the U.S., the business relationship between the two countries, and brand strategy of both consumerism cultures–one of our favorite topics of course.

If we can leave you with a final message from this webinar, it’s to create branding for your customers by truly knowing your American consumer while utilizing all resources available to you. Carte Blanche is here to support and guide this French and American cultural conversion and we’re here to answer any questions along the way.

We welcome you to watch the full discussion at the webinar link here to learn more about the topic.

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Au revoir,

Carte Blanche

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