Strategy, The New Buzzword?

How to identify brand strategy in a world of strategies. You hear the word strategy tossed around from assessment strategy, business strategy, financial strategy, social media strategy, to sales strategy, and many more. It feels like strategy has become the new mot à la mode (buzzword), inconspicuously finding its way in all aspects of business […]

Secret to scale Podcast

What an honor to start the New Year being featured on Ranksey Digital Marketing podcast. Tanner Scott lead me to some interesting discussion about branding and all the intricacy it encompasses: A brand is not just a logo. Naming is a huge part of your brand. Be different for good reason. What is the brand expansion plan? How […]

Branding in the US

France Immersion in the Silicon Slopes Why Utah is the new player in the tech game Here in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, tech companies are surfacing each day, including a profusion of French-based companies: BioFire, Vinci, Kereon Intelligence, Nexans, to name a few. Given the high quality of life, nearby universities, tax incentives from the state, and […]

The Metaskills Challenge module 5, The Learning

3 months have gone by since the start of the Level C MetaSkills Challenge. Last week our team submitted the 5th and final module – all around the learning skill. I had no idea what this challenge would bring me when I first signed up right as we all found ourselves in lockdown. 5 team […]

Level C Metaskills module 4, The Making

As the Metaskills challenge continues, we keep getting deeper into our concept. This module ended up being the hardest for us so far. The prompt was asking us to choose the most exciting idea from our customer journey. Using the power of making, rendering, sketching, storytelling, prototyping, we needed to create something. Our team quickly realized that […]

Do you need a brand to be in business?

Branding tips by Carte Blanche

Do you need a brand to be in business? Is your business a brand? How important is it to have a brand? What is a brand? I would like to bring some clarity to some of these questions business owners are wondering about. Hi, I’m Priscilla Blanchot, I have 20 years of experience in the […]