Dreaming Stage ‘Best in Module’

The Metaskills Challenge Module 3

Module 3 of The Metaskills Challenge from Marty Neumeier Level C was all about Dreaming! No limits for a conceptual system that would introduce Zero Impact tourism to the city of Venice, Italy but why not also to other cities struggling from over-tourism around the world.

In this module, we were asked to push the boundaries of our imagination, to imagine fresher elements, more surprising interconnections, or a more unique purpose.

Setting aside the traditional Point A to B consumer journey model, we envisioned a dependent ecosystem of issues, existing in correlation with each other.
A traveler should benefit the culture they visit, a local should embrace sharing their history, and the environment, of course, should benefit from all the above and not pay the toll.
We recognized making such a system work; Respect needed to be at the center of all innovations and interactions.

Module 3_Circular Customer Journey_Strategy consulting

From that interaction, our new Civitas brand was born, a global venture, symbol, and ethos designed to celebrate the stability and symbiotic respect when cities achieve harmony between travelers, local communities, and the environment.

Zero Impact Tourism Strategy

Team Hi-Five was proud to win ‘Best in Module’ along with two other teams. Our full presentation can be seen here.

You can also view the other team’s entry by module’s on the portal.

We are now odd to the “making” stage of Module 4.

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