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The Futur pro group and Chris Do has been an amazing influence on my business. They have propelled me to pivot into becoming a business owner, thinker, and innovator. My many years of experience going from a student in Paris and Atlanta to a New York agency, an In-house position in Salt Lake City and finally becoming my own boss as a brand consultant has brought me a wide variety of business situations and challenges.

Running my own company, thinking through steps ahead, planning, marketing, and wearing the many hats is an entirely new set of trials. I was fortunate to catch Chris Do attention as he coached me through trusting myself, who I am, and my values. The group is an amazing influence on who I am now and what kind of business I am building.

Being online where everyone can see you judge you and where you are vulnerable to the world is a taking of itself but I own it now, this is the person I am and I thanks to Chris for this amazing opportunity and for the push he is constantly giving to all the group members. He genuinely wants us to all successful and it can only happen with action and vulnerability.

You can find the replays on The Futur Youtube page here and here and also find amazing value through their channel itself.

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